We have now being running the Energy and Carbon Blog for a little over a year. We would like to thank all of our readers, and as way to cap off 2015 we include below ten of the most read blogs from the two Gerard’s, Reid and Wynn.

1.  Decoding the Paris Agreement (Dec 12)

Gerard Wynn tells you all you need to know about the landmark Paris Climate Change Agreement. Full article.

2.  The truth about UK nuclear (Oct 30)

Gerard Reid on the real reasons behind the UK Government’s decision to build new nuclear at what on the face of it are highly expensive costs compared to the alternatives. Full article.

3.  Paris pledges add more than 1.5 trillion watts of renewables (Oct 9)

Gerard Wynn on why the Paris Agreement will further tip the competitiveness of low-carbon technologies such as renewables. Full article.

4.  The repercussions of Musk’s Law (Oct 8)

Gerard Reid on how Musk’s Law, which is all about having the entrepreneurial spirit, vision and bravery to take on the global automobile incumbents and battery producers, has led to the collapse in battery prices in recent years, and what impact that will have going forward as costs continue to fall. Full article.

5.  Why a renewable energy future must be electric (Aug 5)

Gerard Wynn on why a renewable energy future has to be based on electricity. Full article.

6.  The coming of behind the meter storage? (June 11)

Gerard Reid on why batteries are going to be used in our homes and businesses. Full article.

7.  How declining costs will create a solar tsunami (June 3)

Gerard Reid on how and when solar will become the cheapest form of electricity in many regions of the world and what that means for our future energy systems. Full article.

8.  European biomass power is a stranded asset risk (May 23)

Gerard Wynn on why burning largescale biomass for power generation may not be as “green” as we think it is. Full article.

9.  Why the oil price will continue to go down (May 14)

Gerard Reid on why the oil price has to come down.. Full article.

10. Ten reasons why renewables unaffected by falling oil price (Feb 2)

Gerard Reid on why the falling oil price does not mean doom and gloom for all involved in renewables, energy efficiency and climate change. Full article.

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