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The global energy sector is undergoing a dramatic transformation, led by trends in digitalisation and centralisation.

The way the world generates, distributes and consumes power is being reshaped by rapid growth in distributed renewable energy; decentralised gas and oil production; innovation in efficiency; and progress in software and analytics. Coupled with the rapid evolution of electric car and battery storage technologies, the scene is set for a digital energy revolution.



This revolution has already wiped tens of billions of dollars off the value of old-world electric utility companies that have been slow to embrace change. That trend is now extending to the oil and gas and mobility sectors. At the same time, billions of dollars of value will be created for companies that embrace change.

energyandcarbon.com is an informal forum for providing strategic, timely insight on the technologies and business models shaping the future of the energy and mobility sector, with the goal of aiding business and political leaders navigate the choppy transition ahead.



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