TREND 1. : YieldCos and developers are definitely not the magic formula to finance renewable energy. Their business plans are too aggressive for their slim equity base, and they are too much leveraged.

1) SunEdison Sinks
2) Abengoa Explodes
3) Enel Green goes in the red, shed Portuguese Assets, writes off Romania and prepare to be absorbed by major shareholder Enel

TREND 2: Relentless growth of renewables and ultra-cheap natural gas are hurting incumbent coal and nukes in the U.S noting that Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) announced it will retire 5GW of coal-based generation in 2016

TREND 3: We have seen recently wind production records in Texas, Germany and across others regions.

TREND 4: Turkey, hooked on Russian Gas (55% of energy imports come from Russia), raises renewables subsidies.

TREND 5: Energy Storage is now where solar was 10 years ago. Crazy but bumpy growth ahead. Li-ion battery costs to fall 50% in next 5 years

TREND 6: The development of renewables is wreaking havoc with EU policies

TREND 7: German power prices are 200x more volatile than financial markets

TREND 8: UK wants to get rid of coal generation, carbon sequestration, slashes renewables subsidies (wind should survive, solar less sure), sticks to nuclear and gas.

TREND 9: Cut throat competition between coal and natural gas in Asia-Pacific. For Energy-poor countries, renewables might pick the tab.

TREND 10 LNG: Petronet renegotiates a 1bUSD deal with Rasgas (hailed as victory in India and leads to lay-offs at RasGas), while Iran and Mozambique speed up go to Market plans

Laurent Segalen is the MD and founder of Megawatt-X which is a global on-line platform for renewable energy assets.    Send article as PDF   
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