Post-Referendum, Britain is split on EU membership; possibly on course physically to disintegrate; has a rudderless government matched by an imploding opposition; and boasts a parliamentary majority, as of last week, opposed to the newly expressed will of the people.

The question is: what next? The government will develop a plan for Brexit in the coming months, meanwhile presumably installing Boris Johnson, loathed or liked, as prime minister. This new leadership and Brexit plan may be put to the people, in the next 12 months.

The likely outcomes of the resulting elections: a hung parliament; or narrow rejection of the EU referendum, perhaps by a new centrist, pro-EU party. This would in turn lead to a continuing sense of national division and political and business limbo, both in the UK and EU. What of a third option, a unifying unity government? OK, this is unlikely, or extreme (kind of a war-time thing), but what else?

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